Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sex as Feminist Practice -- Quotes

In "Sexy From the Start:Anticipatory Elements of Second Wave Feminism", Scanlon argues that this Thrid wave of feminism is essentially broken down into two groups. Onhe group which still feels that There is no way that you can wear lipstick and skirts, and get you nails done and still be feminin. They feel that this is ruining all the progress that femist have made so far, and only further oppressing us. I can relate this to the article "Oppression" by Frye.
 In that article she talks about men oppressing woman as a femist issue. And this sexualization that woman do is only conforming to it. However Scanlon feels that you can still look sexy and not be conforming to the oppression. You can get your hair done and nails done, and still be a feminist. Some quotes from the article that support this view are" It is a feminism no longer on the defensive, with a fun, playful aeshetic that acknoledges the erotic carcisstic pleasure women reiceve from beautyfying themselves, a pleasure not to be denied". She is saying that is she enjoys makeing herself up and looking pretty soley becasue it makes her feel good, then why wouldnt she do that?? If it makes you happy and feel good on the inside there no reason why you should deny yourself like that

Another quote is, " being smart is important, but being smart and good looking has even greater rewards." I don't think that this quote means anything rude, i think that she means if you feel good about yourself and you take a little pride in your appearance you'll be smart and confident, and no one can beat that! Finally, "... dressing up was a performance , one that makes you feel female'". Again she is saying that dressing up doesn't oppress you it highlights you and your beauty.

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