Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Combatting Intentional Bigotry and Inadvertently Racist Acts-- Extended comments

I am doing extended comments on heathers blog. I think that its true as said by Blanchard that racism can be created through a lack of knowledge. I know that when  I was growing up I was extremely sheltered. I went to a Catholic school up until the 8th grade with only 20 kids in each grade and I think there was only one or two black people i n the entire school. And then going into high school i lived in a very small town, it was the only high school in the town and there were probably less then 8 black people in the whole high school. So i didn't really get a Chance to migle too much with a wide variety of races or religions. “Encouraging multiracial friendships and exposing naive students to students of color can help to strengthen the knowledge base of students and decrease the incidents of race.” I wish that growing up I had more of theses interactions and friendships. The codes of racism remind me of the article we just read "something about the subject makes it hard to name".  This article was about the different forms of racism. sometimes when you aren't exposed to other cultures and races it makes it hard to realize that you are doing something wrong. which is why you should try and learn more about different cultures outside of your own and not just think "who cares" just cause it may not directly be affecting you. 
 Like heather said "working together" will help fight racism, ignorance will not.


  1. i agree that learning about other races and their culture can help us see each other differently because we would have a better understanding of who we are. i strongly believe that good habits are learned from an early age so one of our solutions to change is teaching our children about diversity and not allowing them to grow up ignoring it.

  2. I also think children need to learn this at an earlier age to understand it better. A lot of things seemed to be ignored to not offend someone or even acknowledge it, but I think ignoring it is just as bad.