Monday, November 28, 2011

In addition to Social Justice event ...

I would also like to add some ways that this event connects to some of the class readings that we have done.  One of the first readings was The "F-word". A quote from that article was  "Before women achieved their goal, many suffered for the cause- some were jailed, fined and endured hunger strikes-..." This had a a lot to do with everything that was talked about at promising practices. The fact that to see change and to get to that state in which equality in one way or another is achieved, it takes a lot of people to struggle first and to go through what they did to achieve something so great. it takes a lot of bravery not only for Feminist, but for minority's and outcast to take a stand to help change something that might not even be fixed for generations upon generations to actually get there. Another article that we read that applies to this is the "Oppression" article. This talked about women being oppressed in one way or another, hindering there sense of self, and their voice. "You can't win you are caught in a bind, caught between systematically related pressures."  This relates a lot to my workshop at promising practices on bullying, and fighting the pressure and frustration of it. bullying can be so severe and although a child may appear to be brushing it off deep down inside it is torturing.  I inserted a link about a girl that was so severely harassed, that at just 15 years old killed herself Harassment that lead to death. Finally I found another article that we have read in class to go along with this event, "Something About the Subject Makes It Hard To Name". This talked about the different kinds of racism and how the ignorance of people not understanding racism causes them to be racist! However,  no matter what your background, you are worthy of respect and of equal privileges. I like how she said that "the color of your skin is not the cause of the hardship".  People need to realize that they chose there own destiny, not there orientation, gender, or color of their skin. This relates to my transgender workshop, that a lot of people don't understand transgender and what they don't know they fear, causing them to be "ignorantly prejudice" for something that they know so little about! And finally how does this all relate to Feminism? Everything I have learned in class and every thing I have realize in this event can pretty much be summed up for me in one sentence... Just because we are DIVERSE does not mean that we are UNEQUAL.

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